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The Schools Guide

Schools Guide

The Non-Government Schools Guide - now available in Sydney, Queensland/Northern Territory Edition and Victoria Edition.


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Our team has over 10 years experience producing world class, high-gloss, full colour magazines. We design and prepare for press a wide range of publication styles including corporate magazines, prospectuses and brochures and offer competitive page rates and high-end graphic design.

the Schools Guide

Our specialty product, the highly respected Schools Guide is now available in both a Queensland/Northern Territory Edition, and a Victorian Edition. These publications have become a MUST-have for every parent considering a private or non-governmment school for their child.

about the Schools Guide

With over 100 schools featured in each edition the Schools Guides provide parents with more information than has ever been available...

Facilities - fees - curriculum - religion - contact details - transport info - maps - plus much more... and we cover all areas of each state including country areas.

Pick up a copy from our secure Schools Guide website for less than $8 or grab a copy at one of over 500 newsagencies across each state.

Schools Guide website

Our website has been designed to help you contact any non-government school in each state. Contact information for every private school has been included on our site and in many cases we have added additional information to help you get started finding the right school for your child.

Confused about your child's future education? Australia's finest Schools Guides are here!